JSK supply ultrasonic plastic welding services including bespoke plastic welding machines and parts contract welding, specialist consultancy and more.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine Manufacture

All JSK machines are designed and manufactured to suit the customer’s specific requirements, regardless of how big or small the project may be.

Contract Ultrasonic Welding Service

JSK also offers a contract assembly and welding service, which allows their customers the option of having components welded without the financial commitment of purchasing machinery.

Sonotrode Manufacture

The staff here at JSK have been directly involved in the design and manufacture of thousands of sontrodes, ranging from 40kHz to 15kHz in frequency.

All sonotrodes are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and titanium alloys, as well as special tool steel. To aid the manufacture of sonotrodes, JSK utilises the latest frequency analysers to optimise the the efficiency and frequency of each sonotrode. Before dispatching to the customer each sonotrode is fitted to the appropriate machinery and trial welds are carried out.

Product Design

If you are unsure about the process, or are in need of any advice concerning the product design, then JSK has the people who can really help. Whether it is modifications to an existing component or advice on where, how, and what type of energy director would help achieve the best results.

Machine Services and Upgrades

As well as JSK’s own range of new machinery, we offer our service and support to customers with systems supplied by our competitors – specialising in Herfurth, their wealth of knowledge on this range of machinery is second to none. Ongoing service, spares, tooling and upgrades are now offered with the full backing of the German manufacturers of the original generators.